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Remember that second in 'The Blind Side' where Leigh-Ann tells the coach ‘You should get to know your players…’?  Nothing could be closer to the truth. If you’re coaching support you need to know your players. How do they learn and respond to your style of coaching?  Some need a light touch others a little tough love.  How many really good players never reach their potential because the coach can’t or won’t change their way. You might have the best midfielder or quarter-back but without a team around them, well, you know what happens. Understanding the players’ abilities will allow you to build that winning team. Everyone will know their job and accept it because that is who they are and you know it too.

How does a coach’s style fit in with the team? Are you able to explain plays in a way they will understand? Everyone learns differently. When you talk do they even listen?

It’s not just a game anymore, not at any level. Kids are looking for scholarships to get them through school, coaches need their team to succeed to keep the team alive and healthy. KEM makes the difference. Coaches Knowing and being able to Express themselves. Coaches knowing how (each of his players responds to different types of encouragement and motivation it takes for the individual to perform at his best) their team works. Coaches getting through to players on an individual level. Whether you make the investment on the coaching side or the playing side, you will see the benefits on the field.

KEM is about unleashing the power of the individual! Learn how we do this!


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