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Are you ready to lead in 2022?

Successful leaders know that self-awareness is a key to advancement. Leaders understand the benefits of developing their natural abilities. They also recognize the costs of lost time, misguided effort and misspent energy when those abilities are ignored or wasted.

Occasionally leadership skills come naturally, but more often than not, real leaders build on their skills and surround themselves with people who complement and supplement their abilities.  Successful leaders know what they don’t know, but they do know where to find the people and the answers they need.

The KEM Advantage, from the Rich Success Academy uniquely allows the leader in all of us to develop and shine.

Know Yourself – RSA's state-of-the-art online assessment tool is designed specifically for leaders and offers valuable insights. Leaders who take the assessment:

  • Recognize and understand their own personal leadership qualities

  • Are directed toward leadership roles which align with their personal abilities

  • Comprehend and respect their personal strengths and weaknesses

  • Have a deeper insight on how to build on strengths and inspire others

  • Have the ability to weigh carefully the ideas of associates

  • Learn how to make choices which are consistent with their own values

  • Have the ability to plan for crises and emergencies

Armed with this self-knowledge, leaders will be able to get the best out of themselves and create an environment for their companies that drive success for the organization and individual contributors.

Express Yourself – Research commissioned by the RSA shows that the top Fortune 500 companies demand more than just a specialist skill. Candidates also need to be adept in the so-called soft skills; Teamwork, Interpersonal abilities, Influencing/Leadership as well as Verbal and Writing skills. The RSA program teaches and develops these abilities. These are skills people need to learn just like math or a language.

Market Yourself – Strong relationships and networks are critical to success, yet this is a skill rarely taught.  Networking is an essential professional competency, but can you articulate your networking strategy?  At the RSA we teach you how to develop a strategy. How to recognize a strategic connection from the hundreds of people you meet throughout your work life. We will show leaders how to develop relationships today that will sustain them throughout their careers and in their organizations.

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